MANDRAKE are an English band from Manchester whose original songs are a mixture of Indie/Alternative Rock/Folk-rock/Pop and Jazz.

'Glory Days', is their debut album, (released 05/04/12 on  iTunes via all digital platforms). Due to time constraints & budget it was recorded in five days at Airtight Studios in their hometown of Manchester. The album was self-financed by the band and can be purchased here as can individual songs. They are endeavouring to secure a publishing/record deal.

'Glory Days', is the first project they have recorded professionally. (They have previously recorded two demo EP's which are a collection of acoustic piano/guitar songs). They have also finished writing their second album which it yet to be recorded. (Oscar's also writing a collection of jazz songs).

Credit/acknowledgement goes to;

Carole Hoggart   -  Acoustic Piano&Keyboards.
Stephen Tierney -  Lead Guitar&Effects.
Ben Gow 
             -  Drummer.
Tom Knott           -  Bass/Guitar/Engineer/Producer.
Oscar Novak       -  Songwriter/Vocals/Harmonica/Electric&Acoustic Guitars.


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